Why the Safe 'N' Sound Washing Machine Kit™?

51% of water damage claims are not covered or are minimally covered by homeowners' insurance policies. - (Chubb Insurance)

The #1 source in a household that can attain water damage, and thus a mold problem is the Washing Machine Hose. Washing machine hose failures are one of the top five sources of preventable water losses. - (Institute for Business & Home Safety)

"Water is the most common cause of home damage today--even more likely than fire." - (Safeco Insurance)

Studies show that water damage can lead to Toxic Mold Infestation in as little as 48 hours. Mold damage was estimated at $12 billion in 2005 according to PRLog.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified molds as health risks that can cause various respiratory, skin and internal infections.

The typical cost to repair water damage in a household now stands at approximately $5,000.

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Safe 'N' Sound
Washing Machine Kit™

The only All Encompassing system to protect your home and health from leaks associated with washing machines.

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Safe 'N' Sound Dishwasher Kit™

Protect your home, kitchen and property from Dishwasher leaks with the complete approach to damage prevention.

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Safe 'N' Sound Water Heater Kit™

Coming Soon.....

The Safe 'N' Sound Water Heater Kit will protect your home against a dreaded water heater leak.

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